Monday, October 30, 2006

Rowella James reporting back from SL

Hi everybody!
as i reported yesterday Rowella James is now the second 2ndisabled person! She wrote me an eMail about her experience which I want to share with you. Her text is italic, comments or additions I made in the text look like [this]

Hi Fez,
First of all, thanks for letting me testing out the 2nDisability script. I didn't encounter any script-related problems after you left.
The blindness was very disorientating to say the least. The weird thing was that for me the speech bubbles were gone too, so I could only see what's being said when having the history window open. Of course moving around in that state is not advisable as there is no way of guiding yourself by audio or touch.
[This is a very interesting fact as I did not know this... So in some cases you are blind and deaf...]
The stuttering caused a bit of confusion at first for the person I was talking to, but once they understood what was going on they didn't make any problems of it. Same with Tourret.
[camera-]palsy effect was weird at first, but once you know what can happen you're a bit more prepared to be disorientated.
The most disrupting disability is (apart from blindness) epilepsy, it can throw you really into trouble. I ended up in the water at least three times, on top of someone else once and bumped a few people once too.

I haven't noticed any effects from hayfever.
[This is because it only works on the sim of the SL-EcoSystem and she did not go there yet...]

I'll probably test it some more in the coming days if time permits. To be honest, some people find it really weird and are a bit freaked out by the idea.

Well according the last comment: This is what I realized too and what is not very surprising... But it looks as if we're one step closer to a growing community!
Thanks to Rowella for her help!

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