Thursday, July 26, 2007

Changing the looks

As one first step of the newly growing activities on 2nDisability I will change the look of this blog in the coming few days... Just to make it brighter and nicer to look at...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Revitalising 2nDisability

Well, back after a long time.
Thanks to more than one request of Wayne Porter and some mentions of 2nDisability on his blog I will slowly start to work on the HUD again.
Unfortunately my daily work doesn't give me much spare time at the moment. But I think some development I do there might come in handy for the HUD.

The next step will be to really get into contact with Wayne and join forces on the project!
So I'm really looking forward on the new development!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Started working on CVI...


As I reported some time ago Rowella James gave me the idea for a new disability which could be included in 2nDisability. This visual impairment should be based on experiences a friend of hers told her about. She provided me with some images that show how this friend sees the world (see comments on the linked post).
Now I did a first prove of concept to see if one could replicate this impairment in Second Life. On the right hand you see screenshots with and without an attack. So it works...

I just have to finish the effect and then we will have a new version of 2nDisability ready. Yay!!!!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Rowella James reporting back from SL

Hi everybody!
as i reported yesterday Rowella James is now the second 2ndisabled person! She wrote me an eMail about her experience which I want to share with you. Her text is italic, comments or additions I made in the text look like [this]

Hi Fez,
First of all, thanks for letting me testing out the 2nDisability script. I didn't encounter any script-related problems after you left.
The blindness was very disorientating to say the least. The weird thing was that for me the speech bubbles were gone too, so I could only see what's being said when having the history window open. Of course moving around in that state is not advisable as there is no way of guiding yourself by audio or touch.
[This is a very interesting fact as I did not know this... So in some cases you are blind and deaf...]
The stuttering caused a bit of confusion at first for the person I was talking to, but once they understood what was going on they didn't make any problems of it. Same with Tourret.
[camera-]palsy effect was weird at first, but once you know what can happen you're a bit more prepared to be disorientated.
The most disrupting disability is (apart from blindness) epilepsy, it can throw you really into trouble. I ended up in the water at least three times, on top of someone else once and bumped a few people once too.

I haven't noticed any effects from hayfever.
[This is because it only works on the sim of the SL-EcoSystem and she did not go there yet...]

I'll probably test it some more in the coming days if time permits. To be honest, some people find it really weird and are a bit freaked out by the idea.

Well according the last comment: This is what I realized too and what is not very surprising... But it looks as if we're one step closer to a growing community!
Thanks to Rowella for her help!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Another disabled person

I was VERY excited yesterday, but I just did not find some spare time to report the GREAT news.
After talking with Rowella James about the new disability she gave me the idea for (reported here) she tried the 2nDisability HUD as the first person (excluding myself...) ever.

She kept it on for quite some while (also I still produces QUITE some debug output) and maybe she will occasionally report her experiences here on the blog!

So stay tuned everybody!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Images by a blind painter [written inGame by FEZ Rutherford]

While wandering the lands today I stumbled across a place called "Art in the park". I met one of the owners (Has Lassard) and while chating along he told me that they were showing works of a blind artist (Amaya Summers). And the most amzing thing about her images is HOW realistic they are (the one in this post is by her).

This really made me wondering how she interacts with SL and other graphical software...
I hope to meet her sometimes soon to get some more information about that!

SLURL: Art in the Park

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Web2.0 Schizophrenia

Just made an interesting discovery on Muli Koppel's Blog: Desktop Regions: The Real My Space.

He talks about a flickr project of someone else (Desktop Regions)... But he invents the term "Web2.0 Schizophrenia".
Well and this surly is some new form of virtual disability. One that surly should be lookd into somewhat deeper... Interesting thing is that it somhow exists BETWEEN the virtual and the real world.

on 2nDisability: SL-FORUMS.COM

I just found a thread on SL-FORUMS.COM which was started by Rowella James...

Looking forward to how it will evolve...