Friday, October 13, 2006


Tagcloudr 04
Originally uploaded by FezRutherford.
Well, when I'm not working directly on 2nDisability I like to script every now and then.
After reading an articel on the blog which was about visualising different information (in this case technorati rankings) in Second Life I started thinking about what outside information could be shown in Second Life.
Also at the moment I'm quite fascinated by and the whole Web2.0 and tagging thing. So I started trying to connect Second Life with From there on it was a little step to the idea of Tagcloudr.
It is basically the attempt to visualize my TagCloud in the SYNTHeyeSIS museum.
What it does, is, it polls the inforamtion from my account (thanks to Britta Gustafson for perfect support) and creates bubbles according to the TagCloud. Every bubble is a tag (sorted alphabetically) and it's size represents the count of the tag. These Bubbles are place above the main Tagcloudr object in a single helix.
You can see a text version of my TagCloud a little further down on this page.

If you want to visit the museum in Second Life, just click here!

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