Monday, October 23, 2006

A new idea... [written inGame by FEZ Rutherford]

Rowella James and me
Originally uploaded by FezRutherford.
Today when I was hanging out at the museum Rowella James came buy on her flying carpet. We started chatting along...

Well after a little while she had another idea for 2nDisability. That is why I put the chatlog up here on the blog...

[7:38] Rowella James: What's 2nd Disability?
[7:38] You: an project / experiment of mine
[7:38] You: its about disabilities in virtual worlds
[7:38] Rowella James: cool
[7:39] You: I try to think about which disabilities might exist in virtual worlds
[7:39] Rowella James: Great idea
[7:39] You: and I build scripts to live them
[7:39] You: thanks
[7:39] Rowella James: It will help people understand the diffulties disabled people have in RL
[7:40] You: CORRECT!
(I have an epilepsy attack and drop down from the museum)
[7:41] You: sorry
[7:41] You: that was an expilepsy attack..
[7:42] Rowella James: That's ok, a youth friend of mine had epilepsy
[7:42] Rowella James: well he still has, but I don't see him anymore
[7:42] You: okay...
[7:42] FEZ Rutherford: okay...
[7:42] Rowella James: So what scripts have you created so far?
[7:43] You: blindness / epilepsy / tourret / "Hay Fever" / CameraPalsy
[7:43] You: oh and stuttering
[7:44] Rowella James: Oh wow! You've been really working a lot on it then...
[7:44] You: well... kinda...
[7:44] You: ;-)
[7:44] You: it becomes an obession...
[7:44] Rowella James: I guess
[7:44] Rowella James: Need an idea for the next?
[7:44] You: If you have one...
[7:45] Rowella James: A friend of mine has CVI (Cerebral Visual Impairment) he sees only the periferal area, but foggy. The centre is black blots
[7:45] You: okay... that is possible...
[7:46] You: may I put the chatlog from this session on my blog?
[7:46] Rowella James: Sure!!
[7:46] You: So I can keep track of this idea
[7:46] You: Thanks a lot
[7:46] Rowella James: I should thank you actually!
[7:46] You: lets take a picture ;-)
[7:47] FEZ Rutherford: Eat my shorts
[7:47] You: lets go up front
[7:47] FEZ Rutherford: lets go up front
[7:47] FEZ Rutherford: Eat my shorts
(We walk up in front of the 2nDisability projection screen)
[7:47] FEZ Rutherford: *GNARRRRRF*
[7:48] You: okay... thanks
[7:48] You: (I'm not a good photographer I must confess ;-)
[7:48] Rowella James: I haven't mastered it either yet. This was my first photo :-)

Well, we kept on talking. But that is another story ;-)
I will for sure read myself into CVI and include it into 2nDisability as soon as possible.

So stay tuned!


Rowella James said...

Hi Fez,

In addition to our chat I was going to give you the URL or a picture of what my friend experiences.
Here is a picture:
And on this page:
You'll find other examples of what some people might experience.

Cheers and see you in SL,

Fez Rutherford said...

Thanks a lot...
This will really help...

Do yo know you know if those spots are fixed or if they do move (and if, do they move fast or slow?) Do those spots come and disappear?


Muli Koppel said...


I was moved by your post. This is such an important contribution to human understanding.

Good luck

Fez Rutherford said...

Hey Muli...

Thanks for those nice words... They really help me to go on with the project...


Osprey said...

Woo, Fez - this is a good idea :D I can see it being useful for students in medical fields and families wanting to gain more understanding. Excellent!

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