Saturday, September 23, 2006

Building at home... [written inGame by FEZ Rutherford]

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Region: Tan (256000, 257024)
Local-Position: (154, 81, 26)

I have a little place on my land which I use as my workshop and studio. It i high up in the sky. Since I am disabled I keep falling down from that platform every now and so often. Today I started to make the platform handicapped accessible by adding some fences aroud that place.

I'm getting more and more the feeling of really being disabled.


Anonymous said...

why pretent to be disabled that is shite. I am disable because i was born MD and if you arent disabled stop doing it in sl

Fez Rutherford said...

Well, first of all I have to say that the focus of 2nDisability is NOT "pretending being disabled" but rather trying (as a not disabled person) to understand how it might feel to be disabled.
Where I come from students sometimes do social projects at school. One kind of such projects is that they go to town in wheelchairs (although NOT being disabled) and try to realize (maybe even understand) what kind of problems persons bound to a wheelchair face every day. This is the same idea I have with this project.
This project is my attempt to create a tool which might help people to understand some aspects of certain disabilities.

I do in no way want to harm or make fun of anybody. On the contrary, I’d really like to get in touch with people who actually know how it feels and who are interested in finding ways to teach or tell none disabled persons of their lives.

I realize that I should write a longer text about my intentions with this project. But I only had the idea a few days ago and it really takes me time to write such a text. I hope you can understand that.
Further on I’d really like to talk to you (and anybody interested) about the project. So please contact me here or in-game for further discussions.